The Earth and Atmospheric Science Department would like to acknowledge and congratulate Dr. James Booth receiving the NASA grant. This grant will be good for the next three years from 2021-2024. The purpose of this NASA grant is to:

1) identify the most important cloud controlling factors for high and low level clouds in the extratropics and quantify their effect, i.e. rate of change of cloud properties to changes in the cloud controlling factors,

2) estimate the change in top of atmosphere longwave and shortwave fluxes,

3) evaluate the observational variability of these rates by comparing the retrievals from the same instrument on different platforms, as well as from different instruments on the same platform; 4) evaluate the impact of different temporal averages (instantaneous/subdaily vs daily).

The goal with having this grant is to:

a) the rate of change in cloud properties as a function of variations in specific environmental characteristics, and,

b) the variability of these rates caused by observational uncertainties themselves, or the choice of temporal resolution. This will provide an improved process understanding to help inform GCM developers.

Once Again, congratulations to Dr. James Booth for obtaining this new NASA grant and we appreciate your hard work, committment,a Nd dedication to our department.