This spring the Earth and Atmospheric Science department was excited to resume a long-standing tradition of field trips to the Catskill region. The structural geology class (EAS 227) spent three days mapping the geology near Leeds, NY. City College has been taking students on geology trips to the Catskill region for at least 70 years.

In an exciting change from previous years, students took up lodging at Black Rock Forest (near Newberg, NY), a CUNY-supported outdoor laboratory for field-based research and education just an hour drive from City College. Students stayed in the forest lodge where they enjoyed group-cooked meals and campfires in the evenings.

The Leeds field area was studied comprehensively by geologist and textbook author Stephen Marshak, whose map of the area was published by the New York State Museum in the 1980’s. Stephen is the son of Robert E. Marshak, the former president of City College for whom the CCNY science building is named.